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Greek saffron

Greek saffron is known for its extra fine quality and is considered number one in the world. A very small quantity added to any dish gives it a unique taste and colour. Add a small quantity to pastas, rice, soups, sauces, meat, poultry and fish for special taste. Greek saffron can be added to coffee or tea to produce a delightful beverage which is known for its antioxidant, anti-clotting and anti-cancer qualities. Creta Natura offers packages of yellow and red Greek saffron in stamens or powder.

Cretan Aromatic Herbs

Cretan Aromatic Herbs are yet another strong tradition in Crete. Even the ancient Greek texts mention the unique therapeutic benefits of them.

These extraordinary herbs such as dictamon, Cretan mountain tea-Malotira, verbena, wild sage, chamomile are considered as having therapeutic properties.

The Cretan herbs are carefully collected from the mountains, dried in the open air and packed without any additives or conservatives.