Olive oil / Extra virgin olive oil & Vinegar sets / Olive oil in mignon bottles

Cretan Extra Virgin Olive oil with its rich flavor, dark-green color and superb aroma, make it ideal both for raw and cooked salads, cooking and frying.

Cretans have the lowest level of cholesterol, heart diseases and cancer in Europe, thanks to the high content of mono saturated oleic acid of Cretan olive oil.

Creta Natura offers a variety of low acidity olive oil packages. We were first to launch a large variety of olive oil packages flavored with aromatic Cretan Herbs and Spices. These include olive oil with pepperonis- laurel and cinnamon sticks-dried red-basil branches and sundried tomatoes- mountain oregano and dried garlic- fresh rosemary and red pepper etc. All the above combine harmoniously with most of the healthier and tastier dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. Most of our olive oil bottles are protected in specially designed cartoon boxes or cylinders offering transportation safety.

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