Ouzo / Honey & Raki / Raki


The most popular Greek spirit (aniseed aperitif) is the undisputed ambassador of true Greek tradition, entertainment and hospitality and an ideal souvenir to take back home.

Raki - traditional cretan spirit Raki

Τhe traditional strong distilled spirit of Crete, that is synonymous to Cretan tradition and is an indigenous part of the unique Cretan hospitality.The original packaging of Raki by Creta Natura and its unique decoration make this exclusive Cretan drink an ideal gift for friends and family.

HoneyRaki (Rakomelo) 

Creta Natura created HoneyRaki (Rakomelo), a mix of Cretan Raki and pure Cretan thyme honey. This extraordinary cocktail is a delicious warm alcoholic drink, ideal for cold winters. The Cretans consider it as having pharmaceutical properties, which are due to the healing and antioxidant qualities of honey and Raki.